Community Grant Project

We are delighted to announce that we have been successful in securing an additional pot of funding to enable us to address a group of participants that are currently unable to get all the support they require. The construction industry continues to grow (especially within the Scarborough area) and we are successfully training and supporting a number of learners through their Health & Safety in Construction Award, undertaking their formal CSCS Test and obtaining their CSCS Card; permitting them to gain work in a construction environment.

Unlike our other funded provision, this programme enables us to promote construction work to learners aged 18+ and is also a vehicle for promoting Construction work as a career choice for female participants.

Unlike many other industries, the construction industry is leading the way when it comes to recognising and addressing mental health and this is now a crucial part of the final CSCS construction tests, a labourer has to take. With this in mind, we have designed a programme of learning that includes the statutory training requirements for obtaining a CSCS card, but also
encompasses Mental Health First Aid and First at Work. This will not only make our participants more informed and better equipped to undertake their final tests but also make them a more desirable prospect to a future employer; whilst at the same time, supporting the positive move of recognising Mental Health in the Workplace within the locality.