Personal License Holders (Theory CPD)


An interactive, fun and engaging approach to personal licence holder training this online course covers the syllabus of the level 2 award for personal licence holders (APLH).

Learner details


A licensed premises must have at least one personal licence holder. This course covers the knowledge required to achieve a level 2 award for personal licence holders.

This course is ideal for those looking for knowledge to go on to take a regulated exam and apply for a personal licence to sell alcohol. This may include those working in hospitality, bars, retail and on or off-licence.

Course Content

  • Understand licensing law and enforcement: Ensure an understanding of the required laws and enforcement of licensing

  • Learn what a personal licence is and who needs one: Grasp the ins and outs of personal licensing and why you need it

  • Know how to apply for a premises licence: Be in the best possible position to apply for your premises licence

  • Ensure the protection of children: Understand the measures required to ensure the protection of children

  • Prepare for temporary events: Don’t stress about the organisation of events by getting the right knowledge

  • Ensure responsible retailing: Know the importance of following alcohol retailing responsibility regulations