Student of the Month award- Tain Towart-Wakefield

Here at GO4IT we are always trying to encourage our students to do well and better themselves; post-lockdown we agreed to bring in a new scheme of awarding one student a “Student of the Month” award, this is judged upon improvement, attendance and attitude to learning.
This month we have the absolute pleasure of giving this award to Tain Towart-Wakefield, now he has finished with us he has achieved:
Level 3 First Aid
Level 1 Health and Safety
Level 1 Mental Health Awareness
Asbestos Awareness
Fire Safety and Fire Principles
CSCS Green Card.
Pictured here with Dan Pinchbeck his Trainer.
“Tain first came to me before lockdown and he was very quiet and lacked confidence, he begin with his CSCS training and was scoring barely 60% on his practice testing, then lockdown cam along and I presumed we would lose him. However he came back with a vengeance and listened intently, emulated my teaching and excelled beyond what even he thought he was capable of. I take no credit for this change and the end result as hard work pays off and Tain is proof of that; really sorry to see you leave us Tain but on to better and brighter things now, all the best.