Infection Prevention and Control


This course is designed to help you and your business understand how to prevent and control infection, including coronavirus, and why it is important to do so.

Learner details


Learn how infections occur, the factors that can make a person more vulnerable to infection and the steps you can take to prevent infections from occurring.

  • Combat pathogenic microorganisms: Understand what pathogenic microorganisms are and how you can manage them
  • Protect the vulnerable: Grasp the ins and outs of personal licensing and why you need it
  • Reduce the risk of infection: Be in the best possible position to apply for your premises licence
  • Address personal hygiene: Understand the measures required to ensure the protection of children
  • Use PPE effectively: Don’t stress about the organisation of events by getting the right knowledge
  • Safely handle waste: Know the importance of following alcohol retailing responsibility regulations
  • Now includes up-to-date information on coronavirus COVID-19: As well as all of the above, learn what COVID-19 is, what the symptoms are and how we can protect ourselves.

Who Is It Aimed At? 

The ideal course for:

  • Staff returning to work: Who want the knowledge of how to stay safe in the workplace and prevent infection
  • Senior management & HR teams: Who want to provide a learning resource for staff and create a safe working environment


No prior knowledge needed.

Typical Duration

20 – 40 minutes.